The Land of Promise

The pineapple industry in Mindanao is causing great environmental and social disruption.

Mindanao: a beautiful Philippine island, also known as the Land of Promise because of its impressive tropical rainforests, fertile valleys and great biodiversity. Mindanao is home to some of the world’s largest pineapple plantations, which could contribute greatly to the Philippine economy. Yet, in reality the pineapple industry of Mindanao is far from promising… 

What is happening?

Current practices in the Philippine pineapple industry are causing great environmental and social disruption. Only a couple of major players control the industry, whilst Philippine workers are trapped in poverty. There are over 40,000 workers in the industry who receive little pay for the hard work they do, and most of them have uncertain contracts that give them a job guarantee for only five to six months at a time.

To inform people about the issues Philippine pineapple workers and the communities around the plantations face We created the documentary‘The Land of Promise?’. You can watch the full documentary below:

This needs to stop!

Fairfood ran an active campaign in 2011 to 2014 to improve the practices in the Philippine pineapple industry. After that we had to put our work in the Philippines on hold due to financial reasons. Our work on the issues in the Philippines has not stopped completely, as it is now part of our Living Wage Programme. If you’d like to read more about this, please visit Fairfood International’s website.